Waiting for Chilcot

On March 18th 2003 on the eve of war, I heard the whole of the Iraq debate in the House of Commons. Later, as matters unfolded, I decide to keep a detailed chronological summary of events and analysis, wholly dependent on published material and comment. In 2007 I finished a play called My Country Right or Wrong. Hitherto I had supported the Government. Tony Blair had been magnificent in debate. Now, with millions of others, I had changed my mind. Time to publish?

The news of the Chilcot enquiry made me pause. It would be foolish to pre-empt the findings, I thought. Perhaps some of those press reports were off-beam. However I hoped that the enquiry would proceed quickly. Sadly, for whatever reasons, that was not the case.

Earlier this year I decided to publish it not long after the Report emerges. Happily it does not cover the same territory as Stuff Happens, the superb play of David Hare, now about to be read again at the National Theatre. Not, you understand, that my efforts would exactly rival his…

So, soon it will be up on Amazon and hopefully have a production.

Will keep you posted…

Nigel Pascoe QC


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