Beyond Despair

I need to declare again that I am not a member of any party, although In my time I have voted for all three. But of course I share the universal recognition that our system of Parliamentary democracy cannot survive without an effective opposition.

What is happening at present is absolutely tragic.

It is plain to me that Jeremy Corbyn is a thoroughly decent and principled man, who has had the courage to retain his long-standing political principles. Equally clearly, the possibility of the election of a hard left Labour Government is minuscule. So long as he gives substance to such an agenda, he cannot represent the present elected Labour party. So sadly, I agree that he has to go.

But that must place within the rules. I agree with the Momentum argument that a leader has to put his or her head above the parapet and stand against him. I also accept that there is a whole mass constituency of young people, not necessarily all on the hard left, who believe in many of his principles and in him.

See what if a new election confirms him in post?

The answer is that there must be a new Labour Plus movement, with all the pain and dislocation that will cause to the Labour family. That would provide a proper rearrangement of the centre-left to form a credible opposition to the government. Incidentally I see the real possibility of the dramatic re-growth of the Lib Dems in the next two years.

In the meantime I have one real worry about Jeremy Corbyn himself. Concern that he has been put under intolerable pressure, be it direct or indirect, which will be damaging to him. A man can only stand so much. I have no evidence of course of where the pressure may be coming from, but the fear exists. You cannot have major public figures day after day condemning him without there being some impact. It is a very difficult situation, but humanity trumps even idealism.

So let a challenger come forward and then we can begin a return to full parliamentary government.

Nigel Pascoe QC



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