What now?

The people have spoken and we who thought otherwise must bite the bullet. I entirely accept the identified disconnect between politicians and populace and there is no doubt that it must be addressed by all politicians who aspire to lead. We must limit future immigration on a rational basis. No party can afford to prolong the status quo. All manifestos in future will have to move beyond vague platitudes to reasoned proposals.

All that suggests a future healthy and constructive debate on this most difficult issue. There is every reason now why that can be conducted openly and calmly with no quarter given to the minority of racists who peep beneath the bedspread of great parties or none. I absolutely agree with those who call for a kinder less malevolent politics as a legacy for Jo Cox and in any event. We simply cannot live anymore with vicious and evil personal attacks in print, which debase campaigning journalism and are not justified by results. The virulence of the bitches of Fleet Street should no longer be heard.

Not one part of that deliberately provocative description should be taken as covert support for censorship. It is simply the cruelty that I find so painful. The fine tradition of radical journalism does not encompass deliberate personal attack, demeaning and spiteful as they have become. We can do better.

All of which is a prelude the the question of the hour – what now? The answer is the need to stimulate other trading relationships as soon as possible. There will be an economic downturn which will hurt most the very dispossessed who have dared to vote to leave. Those of us who wanted to remain should avoid endless recrimination and post-match analysis. In one sense we should outbrexit Brexit. By that I mean promote every conceivable initiative which stimulates other trading relationships. If Europe in the short term will not accommodate us, others will.

So the new government should create the most dynamic gold plated sales force we have ever possessed, A new Department led by someone of the calibre of Andrea Leadson working with the best and most successful businessmen in the land. Recruit a whole new generation of super sales personnel. Pay them by results. I have no qualms about that. And when they succeed, they should be recognised for the heroes they will have become. The economic saviours of a fractured worried divided nation.

In short, the sooner we trade ourselves out of trouble, the better.

Nigel Pascoe QC


One thought on “What now?

  1. Brexit was sold on a false prospectus. The fallacies came to light immediately: there is no £350M per week to spend on the NHS; the markets did crash; there will be no rapid reduction of migration. The public have been swindled. We should not meekly accept the close referendum result on this basis.

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