Clean up your Act

Just as I feared, the personal attacks have begun. David Cameron should have the moral courage to pull the You Tube personal attacks on Ed Miliband before the situation deteriorates further. Exactly the same applies to personal attacks on David Cameron or any other politician from any quarter.

Why? Because it is counter productive and profoundly un British. And plain wrong. We the electors are entitled to a serious hard hitting debate on the key issues upon which our future depends. The economy. Social fairness.
A properly funded Health Service. A justly funded Legal Service. Armed Services capable of effective action. You name it, there are many very serious topics which need the fullest illumination and debate.

What we do not want and will not put up with is guttersnipe vicious personal attacks. It is quite true to accept that The Daily Mail is not alone. But on balance, it is the worst offender, day after day.

So now is the Twitter chance to reject the vicious nonsense which is poisoning our politics. Kill it stone dead. Speak out against those who demean our intelligence by such tactics. As others have pointed out, just listen to the young voters’ view of such demeaning nonsense. They hate it. And so should we.

Nigel Pascoe QC


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