What Price peace now? After a very well attended day of action and the CBA in the Monday message putting out clear-cut feelers for settlement, which I support. Well I suppose it depends on the extent to which the message is influencing opinion formers and the indirect pressure that may be putting on the MOJ. Instead of accelerated further action, here are a few ideas which may move the process forward. 1. Chambers videos. It is relatively easy to put a short video up on your Chambers website. I have experimented with an iPad. Well how about a few of our very able young barristers telling shortly how it is? A single case, money lost, financial pressures. No doubt it would have to be overseen by chambers but it need not be at all extreme. Multiply that by videos on every website from heads of chambers or senior members. I’m certainly going to have a go myself. 2. Collating newspaper articles. We now have a series of excellent comment pieces right across the political spectrum and largely by non-lawyers. We need to collect them into a single blog or website. Better still reprint with permission in a Bar Council publication. Volunteer required. 3. Selecting the best of the blogs. There are some brilliant pieces being written. They need to be brought together and whilst that is being done by the CBA, I would visualise a mechanism for wider distribution, again perhaps under the auspices of the Bar Council. 5. Local radio. This is happening very successfully but I think we could seek to build even closer contacts. That means harvesting our existing contacts and even volunteering to come on air when a new issue arises. 6. Local papers. A well written letter will be carried. Anyone could do this. 7. Your MP if you haven’t canvassed them already. All these ideas are simply meant to pursue the democratic process without damage to our obligations. They go to a single end. The time to talk. Nigel Pascoe QC


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