Bite his hand off

In the Times today the letter from Shailesh Vara MP ended –

“..the Justice Secretary and I remain open to sensible suggestions that enable us to make the savings we have no choice but to make.”

Now then, politicians’ mantras or the first cautious welcome steps to a potential settlement?

There is a very easy way to put it to the test.

Open a second front to this dispute.

Give NOW huge concerted publicity to the whole range of suggested savings that the Bar Council, CBA and Circuits have already made.

Cost it openly. Sell each and every measure with the skills we possess.

Then open immediate negotiations with the Ministers concerned.

Take them at their word.

Let the public in on our constructive thinking.

Seek to deal.

And then we can get back to the necessary structural changes we need to make to revive the ethos and success of our beloved profession.

Who dares to say that chance is not worth pursuing?

Not me, guv. Not me.

Nigel Pascoe QC


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