Down but Not Out – an alternative to Direct Action

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What is the alternative to Direct Action? Those of us, a minority, who do not favour such a course, owe the profession as good an alternative as we can muster. Let us start at the worst possible point. Indeed to do otherwise would be totally indefensible.

The cuts take place regardless of all protest – so that there is No More Money.

Hit hardest will be crime only chambers. There will be a significant and fairly swift reaction. Some small chambers will fold, others will seek amalgamation, significant numbers will leave the profession. All who wish to battle on will think immediately of every conceivable cost-cutting measure. Sadly that will mean jobs lost in the Clerk’s rooms. Certainly buildings will go and working from home will increase. Some may have invested in technology which may have made that process easier to manage.

In chambers doing other work, there will be…

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