Cricket, lovely cricket

I have just finished a short play about a cricket loving Judge who couches his jury directions in cricketing terms. Pure nonsense of course. Perhaps I should be worrying about the future of the criminal bar as we wait for judgement, but two glorious but very different cricketing days have dulled the pain…

First a thrilling finish to a limited over match at the Rose Bowl as Hampshire beat Surrey with one over left. A brilliant surprise birthday present from two grandchildren and their parents.
Loud and lively fixtures but such fun as the tension builds up under the floodlights at ten.

Then a village cricket match, as a scratch BBC team took on Wood Green on one of the most beautiful grounds in the New Forest. My son did his stuff with some success, but the village saw off the media. And one of those all embracing cricket teas open to the spectators. Summer joys and I am sure my old boots are somewhere..

But halcyon days are finite and the QASA handbook is published and suddenly the spectacle of conflict filters through the dog days of summer. Are we really going to raise an imperious finger and put ourselves above any assessment, however badly designed? That gives our opponents the ammunition they most relish, that the bar are as arrogant as they have always maintained.

Wake up and smell the coffee. If we are really not going to join, where in the name of reason is our
reasonable alternative?

The bar must get its act together and show we have nothing whatsoever to fear from assessment. I look to our leaders to recognize that logic and act. A good starting point would be an Inn based scheme, but time is running out.

Nigel Pascoe QC



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