Them and Us

O judgment! Thou art fled to brutish beasts and men have lost their reason.

New readers start here. I am a Western Circuiteer proud once to have been its Leader, convinced that my brave and honourable profession is hellbent on its own self destruction. The pity of it is that they are doing so with a fighting spirit which is little short of heroic.

QASA is a wretched creature which we must continue to fight. But not to join at all is, in the words of a good and decent man, foolish. We need if necessary to bite the bullet and bring alongside our own better scheme. We cannot be seen to oppose the principle of QA.

Are the savage cuts a reason to bring us on the streets, not least when the whole country suffers? What is the point of that! No, we need instead the intricate analysis of our best minds to seek amelioration if that is possible. And if it is not, we must cut our cloth and find, as ever, ways to adapt, share and cope. That is not surrender, but a pragmatic recognition that we also must endure.

Whilst the strife intensifies, language and reason are inevitable casualties. I was truly shocked to hear the word scab used by one barrister of another. Both sides are taking up positions which both demonise and demean. Instructions from on high that the bar cannot meet in court hours will not surprise, nor sadly the personal attacks on a politician or regulation Chairman. It really will not do for a profession that lives and thrives by reason.

I who also love rhetoric plead now for sane dialogue and calm heads. Now before it is far too late.

Nigel Pascoe QC


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